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  The History of Space Gamer-- An introduction to the concepts of Free-Style Role-Play, and some background on the paper and pencil titles previously published under Better Games.  
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  Cutlass Video
Cutlass Happenings

Don't look now but a session of Cutlass was recorded and placed on the Internet for all to enjoy.

(Link to YouTube Video) Get it now before it's banned by Big RPG.

  E10 Fundamentals Cover
E10 Fundamentals -- Our Latest

Era Ten is Sci-Fi Free-Style Role-Play using a Quick and Dirty system; hence, no effort has been made to explain the basic mechanics of dice rolling or player interaction. This book is everything the Ref needs to run a game.

There will be others in the series to help you generate ideas or fully flesh-out your campaign. This Fundamentals booklet has plenty of combat tables and some Era Ten concepts to get you started.


  Outland Useful Tables
Chronicles of the Outlands -- Look for it on DriveThru RPG.

The game is Fantasy with Cutlass style mechanics of event driven combat.

Latest Products Include:

Climactic Endings For Outlands: This booklet works as part of the campaign and with the use of Tarot cards, generates obstacles and places that make the Climax of a great tale.

Rather Useful Tables for Chronicles of the Outlands: This booklet includes handy tables for use with Outlands or your other favorite RPG game including Digressions, Traversing the Frontier, City-State Stopover, Personality Flaws and Even Tiers of Magic!!!! Don't miss it.

Link to Drive Thru:  LINK -- Hottest Titles from Better Games!

An example of play -- The playerís reach a river and need to cross. They do not have or canít wait for their boat. Impatient fools, perhaps. What do they do? The obvious answer is swim, make the roll for each to avoid drowning. That Ref is dice happy in a bad way. Yet why not form a bridge of earth and stone (Geomancy). Open a portal connecting two sides (Cosmic). Fly (Shape Shift), get a tree to help (Animate Objects), flame or lightning a tree to fall across (Pyrotechnics or Voltaic), leap the river mightily (Demigod), float across clinging to the backs of the risen bodies of dead fish (Necromancy), command another to carry you (Thought Control), freeze the river (Celestial), and the list continues for another ten techniques. The player characterís Spirit Guide might alert the group to a shallow ford. Precognition could have warned the players to be prepared or take a different route. About the only one that gets me head scratching is Illusions? Make someone believe he can walk on water? Good for a laugh.

All those magical fields are in this game and more. I defy you to find in any other game system a means to get across as a party, one or no roll, on the first adventure, using new characters, not a natural twenty either, no one drowning or catching on fire. Okay, you might catch on fire in Outlands, but not because youíre new to spellcasting. Itís the veterans that are slowly moving toward magical mishap and oblivion. Curious? Click the link and see more.
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