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  Trial by Net -- Examples of some of the games and scenarios which are offered in our Subscriber's Section. Use is limited; so during peak hours, don't be surprised to find any given adventure filled. Of course, the way around that is to have your own account by being, guess what, a subscriber.
  Vox Populi -- Here's the place for your opinions, narratives, adventure ideas, facts of merit, short game enhancements, literary quotes or mindless banter,..., the stuff other gamers may find of value. However, this is not a public newsgroup, and inappropriate messages are subject to censor. Likewise, our policing may be lax, so you may find personal messages of a vulgar nature which you are encouraged to report or simply ignore.
  The History of Space Gamer -- An introduction to the concepts of Free-Style Role-Play, and some background on the paper and pencil titles previously published under Better Games.
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    Contribute to the Vox Populi message boards; there submit your own reviews, narratives and editorials on game play. However, Space Gamer, LLC retains all rights to both original and derivative works.

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