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Some things to Consider:

(1) You should use Internet Explorer to ensure page clarity. If you are happy otherwise, so be it.

(2) If the pages have some text run over, check that your text size is set to Medium. Under the Explorer Menu above "View, Text Size, Medium"

(3) If you access the internet with a modem, you may wish to turn-off the sounds in each game you play. Under the log-in for each game, you will find a Game Options section which allows this. Your page load times will be much faster without the sounds. If you want to hear the sound and you cannot, check your Game Options that sounds are turned-on. (Then check your speaker volume.)

(4) Take us off-line. Set your table top event close to your computer and grab from Space Gamer what you need. Cut and paste our game material into a word processor and then you can print out a more portable copy.

(5) Personal use stops at piracy and account swapping. You only have one character slot to play in each online game. So if you share your password, your buddy's probably killing your guy. If people think they can find our stuff for free, we'll be forced to close our portals. (If you see something where it shouldn't be, email us the link.)

(6) Be a proud gamer; play online and add messages to the Vox Populi (game forum) as if you were talking across the table from people. Show some class; remember your manners. Let's make Space Gamer a place of noble discourse. 

(7) Help us out. The net is a wide sea, and we have a small net. Chat us up in message boards. Encourage your friends to join us.

One last thing: Space Gamer will NEVER contact you asking for personal information. Do not fall victim to fraud. Do not give your user name or password nor any account information to an unsolicited email. Sorry, but it's just the world we live in. That said, if you have any questions, feel free to email red@spacegamer.com.


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