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So you think you're too set in your ways to change? Hardly, and this group of gamers is ready to test those tired notions and get you excited again about role-play, whether online or across the table.
New voices as well as some old share their thoughts on gaming.
  • Return to the glory days with Bill Silvey, as he takes you to a simpler time when all there was TSR, and cheap imitations. Feel free to smile with nostalgia.
  • Free for the taking -- check out the d20 and Open Gaming links, George Chatzipetros has assembled. Each allowing you to jump right into your favorite story or show or classic game.
  • Think comic book play is nothing more than punch-punch? Dave Van Domelen returns to Space Gamer with variants to enhance your comic book game experiences. His first looks at Superheroes in the role of Repo-Man.
  • Mike Miller returns with his topical essays on games and gaming under the banner, Through the Mill.
  • Ready to lose your conspiracy theories? Rick Gordon will debunk a different topic each issue, starting with the seemingly invincible nature of medieval castles.
  • Pawns and Princes will offer the gaming experiences of Conrad, and a warning to would-be game designers to stop wasting his time on drivel.
  • For an historical perspective, John Karnes combs his history fantasy games and tries to convince you that the best game balance is the one which actually took place in history.
  • Yes, you'll even find Red Dog ranting away as well.

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