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So, I was watching this video and thought Mike might have some competition ....


I was watching a D&D video (nerd alert!!!!). Hey, the first one was White Plum, so sue me.



And, I noted that the pace of the presenter was in the 8,000+ words per minute range. Whew, even Mike would be challenged by that. (Hey, nothin' but love baby, nothin' but love.)

Then I noticed, the film appears to be spliced together. Oh, it's stream of consciousness and all but it appears he's putting it together. Nothing beats the genuine Mike.

There is some interesting tidbits about the early days of the DM shield. There's an interesting story of Gygax and Arneson using full body shields in specific instances.

Oh, it's pure geek stuff to be sure ... the presenter perhaps takes it too seriously from my perspective. But, if you want too much analysis on using or not using a DM screen, here it is.


   Kingdom FreeStyle Conrad

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