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Forget Flash, Supergirl and Heroes of Tomorrow ... the real deal is .....



Well, they took liberties but the CW appears to have done a pretty good job to spiff it up. (Okay, I'm only one episode in but the first one was pretty good.)

Betty is great ... well ... because Betty has always been great.

Veronica is hot and somehow you like her as well as Betty.

Reggie and Moose are the dumb jocks and nemesis you would expect.

Jughead is not as juggy as one would like but he's still Jughead.

The one big departure is Miss Grundy. She's a 25 year old swimsuit model turned music teacher. Her and Archie spent the Summer doing what they didn't do in the comics.

Well, you have to keep up with the times I guess.

Is it great? Too early to tell. But, it's intriguing.

Check it out.


   FreeStyle Conrad

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