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Eagles of Death Metal Nos Amis


Eagles of Death Metal Nos Amis, really enjoyed this documentary. We try very hard to keep politics out of this forum. We also try to have some gaming aspect in each message as well. I know I've cheated and added some pop culture and rock references. That said,...

There's a doc on HBO about the US band that was playing in Paris, when terrorists killed 89 in the crowd. The doc is very well done. The emotions are captured. The lead singer is both outrageous, as many artists are, wearing his heart fully on his sleeve. But in this case, it correctly matches the horror and survivor guilt from the experience.

I wish I had known the group before the event. They seem honest. They may become immortal for the wrong reason. But the terrorists failed, and we (all) got lucky that EoDM survived. They just may be the perfect alternative to the fugtards that tried to kill them and their fans.

I also self-righteously know that much of what we enjoy would not be possible or would certainly be illegal, if a small minority triumphs. Never say never, but it seems unlikely those barbarians shall prevail. Or are we the barbarians, practicing the un-shamed reveling, which is our love of games.



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EoDM CyberPunk -- red (posted: 2/16/2017) 
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