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T-Rex, Rubber Duck, Penguin


They retire my wheelbarrow and boot, so of course kids today should not be reminded of hard work. The Thimble could even be used as a Thimble, for someone who might darn a sock, rather than pitch it out. (These kids today.)

So, take pride in your T-Rex as an apartment owner? Or soak in a tub with Duckie, or play as penguin, whatever the fug that means. I can still beat anyone, anytime, in Monopoly regardless of token. I just can't mime dumping a barrow full of crap on your property as I land there. Go T-Rex, hey, why didn't they add Godzilla and then I can make flair rules for tearing down houses should I dice snake-eyes.



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Think of the financial benefit of throwback editions -- Thimble Conrad (posted: 3/27/2017) 
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