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Battle Born on Kindle


Battle Born should be up and ready for purchase on Kindle sometime next week. If you already own a paper copy, you don't need this. Unless,..., you want to reward me with a buck royalty. Twenty seven years later and I still make a full dollar per copy sold!

Big Changes, new tech-ninja skill: Printer. (I shite you not.) Based on 3D printer, I've read about on the intertubes. Now, print yourself a bunker during the battle; fun for camping or containing hazmat.

Plus, why did we have both an Extruding Nozzle and a Spray Hose? I just combined the two.

Oh, and Silent Ballistics became Soft Ballistics and will fire a rubber bullet or a sound suppressed high impact.

Todd's artwork still looks great. He won't think so, but its a nostalgic release.



Message Replies:
"its a nostalgic release." -- red (posted: 4/1/2017) 
It's Live -- red (posted: 4/3/2017) 
Take my money -- Fanboy Mike (posted: 4/3/2017) 
More than nostalgia -- Fanboy Mike (posted: 4/3/2017) 
Battle Trek? -- red (posted: 4/4/2017) 
Probably true -- Fanboy Mike (posted: 4/4/2017) 
I Liked it -- red (posted: 4/5/2017) 
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