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This is the Gaming Dude I watch the most on You Tube



I don't always agree with his review but I like his style.

He doesn't cover RPGs and he focuses on mostly 2 players in the games. But, if you look at the body of his work, it's impressive. He makes a reasonable number of mistakes as we all have done when demo-ing games but the audience will correct for him.

(He's a Euro game lover .... hey, no accounting for taste.)

He's looking for bucks on Kick Starter. I post not to petition for money. I post here now to share the info. We live in great gaming times. So say we all. (I find it magnificent that multiple people can earn their keep just reviewing games.)

Here is the link to his reviews:

(Of course you can simply go to the geek and click on the game of choice and likely you will find his review.)


   Board Game Geek Conrad

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