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Ant Man


I watched Any Man, came free with my subscription to American Gods. I thought Ant Man was watchable. Paul Rudd's influence on the script and as an actor was present. Origin stories are usually easier to watch. Been really cool if he died in the quantum place or was rescued by Pim's wife, someone who just spent an eternity learning how to get free. But changing batteries, I guess works, okay. If only Pim and his wife thought of that. Instead, she'll make a good super villain for next one. Mother vs Daughter, sort of kinda primal. My guess is the writers will make an even bigger show of small things being large and large things turning small.

But as with all superhero movies, it sort of falls apart if you think about it afterward. So, be in the moment is the lesson of current movies.

Everyone ready for The Empire Strikes Back with a human Yoda named Luke?



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