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Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman asks the question can women be superheroes. To ensure the answer was yes, she's given godlike powers. All her losses are self inflicted. The plots is god child enters the world. 2001 ended with a baby batting the earth. Better movie, better ending.

DC should go back to making silent films, in black and white, and a hour shorter, and she should have been called Xena.

Made me nostalgic for the quality of a Deadpool.

So much hype, so little feminism, solve the world’s ugly violence problem with prettier violence.

I was dragged to it. I wasted my cash. I would rather have flipped through the publicity stills and imagined the plot, not seen it executed in twenty by fifteen aspect. At least I saved a few bucks by avoiding the nausea inducing 3D Xtreme.

The Baby-Boy previews where the car power slid through two downed semi was cool to watch, a good two seconds of fun. Didn't look CGI at all.



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