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Aptly Named Bill Finger and Me


On Hulu, there's a documentary from a dude who was pushing to get Bill Finger credit for the creation of the Bad Dude.

His premise was no one knows who Bill Finger is who died in meager surroundings alone and unknown.

If you read comics in the 70's as I did, you know Bill Finger. (Think Batman and the giant penny in the Batcave as a Finger creation.) We already knew that.

It's easy to dump on a comic book industry that was like all industries looking to exploit their people to make the big bucks. Notably, in the mix of course is King Kirby and Bill Finger.

Any case, the author after telling us about himself over and over again and how we comic book fans are dummies, amid great controversy, Finger's bonafides were debated. The great investigation into a word here or word there to discern the great truth.

We could just, uh ... you know ... look at the comics.

And, I'm ashamed to say, after ready hundreds and hundreds of Batman comics, I really haven't lingered long on the opening credits. Dude, I'm a fan boy, give me the punch punch. What's the Riddler up to now!!!! (Created by Bob Kane if knowing a name is important.)

But for those who care, getting Finger credit seemed important.

In the end, Finger did get credit for the first time in the Superman Batman movie which hopefully no one ever watches again. Yea, that bad. And, his half great great grand daughter got an undisclosed payout check.

Dude, Finger is dead. If he's in heaven or doing the Deadman thing (not his creation), don't worry about the small print. We loved your work and are glad you did it. You shall live on.

Thanks also to Curt Swan and Carmine Infantino and Joe Kuburt and thousands more whose names may not get the remembrance they deserve. These are the creators who crafted the innocent, justice loving heroes of the Silver Age (if it needs a name).

I, for one, will linger longer on the opening credits and will enjoy the tales just that much more.


   Punch Man Comics Conrad

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