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Star Trek Continues 8 Out... Kirk battles ... Kirk


Get your damn asses over there already: http://www.startrekcontinues.com/

Kirk fights Old Man Kirk aided by Kirk the computer.

Now, you know the old Trek gimmicks (no I won't say tropes).

Kirk fights Kirk. Done that ... several times. But, it's always beloved. Moreso when we have a third Kirk.

And, yea, Kirk (any age) destroys robots and artificial life. He just does. Check the tape.

The Defiant returns from a space singularity. Old Kirk thinks his crew abandoned him. The music, the stage, the costumes. Damn, it's great to be alive.

In the end, the Universe must stay as it is. I will say no more. It is a rule.

My one minor annoyance was the use of a gizmo in the end to save the day. That's Next Gen crap ... don't spoil the original with that mess.

What would it have hurt for (Old) Kirk to get the girl in the end? (Dude even 230 year old Kirk is going to need something to amuse him.)

Are you still reading? Why are you not already over there?

Still reading more .... (can I get a flying head kick to knock the fool out of someone here. Go, Go, Go.)


   Heat Man Conrad

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