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Calling out Miller --- Wrong on Clara


Just saw the first episode of Clara's ride with the Doctor. You remember, the one where she satiates the hunger of the old god (read Galactus) with the most import leaf in human history. (Okay, well first the Doctor gave him access to his mind and all the things he had witnessed.)

I can't agree that Bill is a more real character.

An aside to warm you up .... Does a later instance of the Doctor remember what the previous dudes did? Or, do they all have to experience it for themselves? (The current Doctor suggests that he does not know what those that came before knew.)


   Doctor Conrad

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Seen just two episodes, maybe -- red (posted: 6/30/2017) 
Episodes are much more polished than those of old -- Legendary Conrad (posted: 7/1/2017) 
Clara is still a plot device. -- Mike Miller (posted: 7/2/2017) 
Last night's Episode... -- Mike Miller (posted: 7/2/2017) 
But ... it must strengthen over time? -- Legendary Conrad (posted: 7/2/2017) 
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