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Walt was a Pyrate, Damn them All


Pyrates of the Carib to change: "The character known as 'the redhead' ― the object of affection as the pirates shout “we wants the redhead” ― will enjoy a role reversal. Instead of being auctioned off, she will become one of the plunderers."

Because in a Disney world, plunder is one thing, but scalawags never rape.

"How much do I hear for this maiden?"
"We wants the red head."

Poof, never happened.



Message Replies:
I wonder what the Pyrates are going to do with the goat? -- Legendary Conrad (posted: 7/1/2017) 
What are we teaching our children? -- Greg Squires (posted: 7/7/2017) 
But she had nice superstructure... -- Mike Miller (posted: 7/8/2017) 
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