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A taste of Book Four


Chariot: The king has been keeping a grave secret, but now gossip is selectively leaking about a tragedy. The flagship of the navy has been lost. In combat seems unlikely, since the enemy would be boasting. A storm more probably has sunk the vessel and all aboard. A fortune worth of cannon is usually lost as well. Flagships tend to be overgunned and built large to hold a lower deck full of war trophies. The king’s best marines are drown. One of his many sons may have perished. Has anyone seen the admiral lately? The crown is not ready to make an announcement. The longer they wait, the more incensed the nobles and aristocrats will be. This is there land too. What else is the king hiding? How will such a prize be replaced? No one wants a new levy of taxes. Enemy agents may learn of this loss, long before the event becomes common knowledge everywhere else. Captains may also report seeing a ghostly vessel, phantoms on the night wind. Inverted, the ship and crew deserted to become pyrates. Even now a new sanctuary and brotherhood of the fleet is forming. The ship as not captured; one of the many princes turned rogue. What might happen if that man becomes the only surviving heir to the homeland?

Having a blast; this one is part of Wild Cards for the player's homeland.



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