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New Trek --- Put me down as a I'll catch it on free-runs


Just a random click bait article: Linky

I'm not expecting much.

(1) Apparently, one can't watch a show unless you have someone that you can empathize with (or so they tell me). So far, everyone listed bores me. Bitchy woman worried about transparent aluminum ceiling - check, cry baby officer who fights with his crew - check, crew thing who identifies sex as celery - check, narcissist minor celebs - check, boring captains - check.

(2) Still worried about the wrong things. Costumes, models, Klingon face bumps, CGI.

I'll be glad to be surprised but not getting sucked in on this dumpster fire.

PS: Taking Odds on how many episodes before they blow up the ship. I say the Over / Under is 4.


   Maybe Conrad

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