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Guardians, Geek Needed


What was the racoon? Was it a metaphor or was it a racoon with brain stuff? How could it hold a gun? Kinda small, ah? Did it have cyber implants for arms and fingers? How much robot was it compared to road kill?

I found the movie fun, but forced. Lead was the worst of them. Plant had too many angel powers. The girl's role was superfluous. But I did manage to stay awake the entire length. I watched it in ten minutes increments over forty days. Way too long.

Did I see a still frame of Howard to Duck in there somewhere?

Marvel mostly blows.



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Geek! -- Mike Miller (posted: 7/16/2017) 
No help here -- I read the comics before the Racoon showed up ... -- Silver Age Conrad (posted: 7/17/2017) 
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