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Naming Rights in the Lost Cove


So, the 20 year old has decided to continue his journey in Wisconsin (exciting times ahead), we thought to take the opportunity to update the facilities.

As those that know (Tony), we have two rooms upstairs, each equipped with their own water closet. They are the epitome of luxury suites. Well, luxury is relative.

But, the good news is we are offering naming rights for the appropriate financial consideration for the rooms.

The first of which will be christened "The Cutlass Suite" for obvious reasons. Corporate has spoken but we all know they only concern themselves with the bottom line. So, if the coins are right, the opportunity can be yours.

We have a team in negotiation with our friend the Hat (Arby's) but I'm not sure if I want a suite labeled the Big Beef and Swiss (but I can be convinced).

Speak now or forever regret your indecision.


   T.J. Conrad

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