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Bajillion Episode Two – The Fashion Mall


A Bajillion Ways to Die
Episode Two – The Fashion Mall
by Red Rahm © 2017

START Enforcer Chamber (CL)

Briefing Two Orientation: “Greetings travelers.” On an 8x10 B&W screen is the man you know as the Authority Figure. He speaks in English, but his accent denotes this wasn’t his tongue of birth. “You defeated the Episkopon. However, you failed to establish your credentials as founding members of the Skull and Bones. Also, the Thuggee cultists still infest many common areas. Your efficiency rating did rise by 2.34% – superb job. Management has decided to give you advanced training in the form of real-world ops. Thanks again for volunteering.”

The monitor then goes dark. Your jumpsuits still have a curious “w” or “crown” logo. The logo color is no longer stark black, but is now a slight dun gray. You still have no idea who you are or where you are?



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