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Aliens Attack ... All Major Networks Down


... but Spacegamer.com is UP!!!!

You can use us in the event of an alien attack on the planet.


   Reporter Conrad

Message Replies:
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Horsigans are all over Paris -- Paris Reporter (posted: 9/2/2017) 
Success --- Fight them with Ancient Weapons -- Polish Resistance (posted: 9/2/2017) 
The Island of Japan is Over Run -- Japan Has Fallen (posted: 9/2/2017) 
Looters in all Major Cities!!!! -- Dog Bites Man News (posted: 9/2/2017) 
Confirmed, Sadly -- red (posted: 9/3/2017) 
Alien Upgrade Machine Destroyed -- Catalina Sam (posted: 9/2/2017) 
Funkin Death Ray Needed -- red (posted: 9/3/2017) 
The Only Site Left on the Internet was The SpaceGamer ... -- Insignificant Browser (posted: 9/3/2017) 
After the battle... -- Eyewitness Mike (posted: 9/4/2017) 
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