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Conrad Dropped the Ball ... and so ...


We went Free-Style Role Play. Mark started the tale ... and ....

What did we learn?

If we were placed in a real world crisis playing ourselves, there are two kinds of people: Those that would arm themselves and fight back against whatever it is, and those who would loot for a big screen television.

I'm not saying which is right but we went from the phones aren't working to "This ain't no party, this ain't no disco, this ain't no foolin' around" pretty darn fast.

The group, modelling as themselves, discovered a large metallic craft over Tony's place. There was screeching alien sounds. I believe the phones, television and radio went into emergency broadcast mode. Our first reaction was "We better get some guns". Now, I would call BS on this as Tony didn't really have no guns at his house. Somebody isn't going to get role play points ... wait, we were using Freestyle-TM-RolePlay so there aren't no role play points.

Now, as I think I've been in the most recent contact with a world ending riot situation in the Fake 2016 Get out the Vote Riot in Charlotte. Some dude got shot by the cops after brandishing a gun and drugs around an elementary school and after challenging him, and he refused to disarm, the cops shot him. We're a poor Southern town so we can't afford a real situtation for the media to exploit. So, our angry young population walked around the 4 blocks in the city center with some chant or something. In the end, we're a poor Southern town and we can't afford a real pretend mob to make it memorable. Everyone went home and muttered under their breath.

The dude who got shot was a tragedy. There is no mirth in that. Rest in Peace man. But, the reaction was flat stupid.

However, I got the opportunity to consider the appropriate course in a world ending 24 hours a day news cycle and that was ... Get more guns. No. Seek Social Justice. No. Make myself a better person. No. ... the only rational choice .... time to upgrade the electronics. Now, in this case, we're a poor Southern town so we didn't have a proper riot so I used a little thing called Amazon to upgrade my electronics. But, if we had a proper riot, I'm going for the 55 inch curved panel with surroundo sound.

This works doubly good in the aliens invade the world situation at hand. First, the aliens probably want the 60+ class televisions. They will have no interest in the 55 inch class. They are coming likely with good credit and death rays. So, well ... yea ... I'll just go with the 55. (Hey, make lemonaid when you can.) And, the 60+ inchers are probably in the back so someone will have to get them out. The 55's are in the front nicely boxed and ready for a quick purchase. Win. Win.

The plan is formed. Tell Liz we're off to lock and load. No. Call our family and loved ones to make sure they are save. No. Make sure we have the good toilet paper stocked away for when we need it. Well I don't know about everyone else, but that's where I was going.

Off to the Gun Store. I was hearing B5 but I think they might have been saying the REI. As luck would have it, the nice greeter was on break so we went Pulp Fiction on the place. 9 mm, Glocks, Shot guns, over and under, high power scopes, double loads, Teflon coating, bayonets, recurve bows, bats, crow bars, arrows, spears, and ballistic armor. .... hey ... has anyone seen the GORP? You know the kind with Reese's Pieces and those hot Cajun things?

Off to the bunker. Somewhere along the way, we were attacked by the house sized Horsigans. We beat them off ... not by luring them away with GORP but by raw fire power.

With an air burst nuclear blast attacking one of the Horsigans ships in the area, we fled to Catalina. Discovering only SpaceGamer.com working in all of the internet, we collected useful information from Fake Ted K. Red was apparently on-line raising the advertising rate of SpaceGamer.com.

We found the island, bumped into some old friends and then attacked the aliens. Tale is concluded. Was the world saved? Well, our world was ... at least for the moment ....


   FreeStyle Role Player

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