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Published Antebellum, Book Four Cutlass


Joe shows up as top billing, funny.

Got to say that Book Four Cutlass is the best design book, since blue book three of White Box D&D(r). Sure, biased, but I've written some good stuff, and this one is both epic and intuitive. A cookbook for making a stunningly detailed campaign set in the historic era, yet using your own lands and events. Condensed the hard stuff into do-it-yourself Tarot tables.

Really proud of this monster. Typed out in a flash. Spread the word, review and enjoy. Five Stars, top box always. Grade on the curve of my peers. Right?

Mike may be the only sale, but I laugh at any other rpg that doesn't make something as incredible from mimicry of the latest masterpiece. Be neat when I clone the copy to Fantasy and Sci-Fi. Also, would make a cool system for adapting a Horror conspiracy campaign as well. "Afghan Goblins, Bloody hell James!"

Off to game and write a humble novel for my six great fans. Peace, love and understanding from the Guru of kick-ass death tomes. Who? Me, Jack Burton, ..., no Red Rahm.



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Here's your one sale! -- Money Spending Mike (posted: 9/11/2017) 
Not a Kindle Review -- Ecstatic Fanboy Mike (posted: 9/11/2017) 
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