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First Review of Orville ... Yea ... Nothing Special


Ship - Stupid
Characters - Boring across the board
Script - Pretty much Next Gen trash with a bickering couple thrown in
Uniforms - Solved the can't keep them down apparently but the epaulets are pretty obnoxious
Make-Up - thanks to the cosplay shows on SciFy the colors are nice

I can't tell if it's an unfunny comedy or a non-interesting science fiction show. Is it possible that the creators are assuming the audience hasn't actually seen space ship flying around in space with cast bonking aliens? If so, they are introducing the audience to this genre for the first time.

The colors are nice I guess and the chompers (did they have chompers?) seemed to make sense.

I'll pass for now.

I hope they make a thousand of them and get crazy rich so that the show can evolve into something interesting.

The elephant in the room of course is the S*a* T*e* spin off. (I don't need to actually say it because you now.)

After seeing the various versions and takes on the show, I have to conclude Star Trek TOGO (formerly TOS but should really be The Only Good One) was the anomaly and made by mistake. Everything since demonstrates the producers wish to make Drek or Dren (see what I did there).

Once you study the data, the outlier is TOGO. Once you take the mean and 3 sigma, that's the outlier. Our brains don't want to comprehend but that's what the agnostic data says.

I can't wait for the episode where we find out what kind of team the Captain drinks.


   Just One Guys Opinion .... Conrad

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