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STD ... not as bad as expected ... is that a good thing???


Oh, it was dull ...

Let's get it straight at the beginning ... if you Spock my ass and try to take my ship into battle, when I recover and I have a phase, expect the ass beating incoming.

We're in the 23rd century and we don't have drones?

The first Officer says he was raised in a culture of prey and the thing you learn as prey is when the predator is ready to strike. No, you learn how to get eaten as prey. You learn to go happily into the slaughter house and get lit up with an electrical prod (see what happens when you Spock your CO.)

The Klingon ships have jump drives? The special effect of a bunch of ships popping up is cool but it's not warp drive.

Does anyone invest in shades on the ship? Just asking. You can get cheap blinds from 1 800 Blinds and make a sponsor.

Having caskets on the outside of your ships ... yea, whatever.

They were smart enough to get the Klingon Fungo Bat into the mix and split the episode to build drama.

What was the deal with Michelle Yeoh's hair?

I hope they make a thousand of them. I'll pass for now.


   SOB Conrad

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