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Savage Worlds ... not very Savage


Tony ran a Savage World version of Boot Hill on Sunday.

I was trying to do some statistics on the exploding dice but lost interest.

I have to say, I don't see the appeal. Are the games so utterly boring that the mere chance to roll an extra time or two something special? Begging for Ignobles = good. Begging for Winky points = boring.

I get the idea of dice as a mini game of sorts to give a game within a game aspect. But, rolling mismatched dice and looking for pairs wasn't it. Plus, the statistics tend to punish the superior characters (since matching is less likely).

Adding the chart of player options was okay but why not a standard bell shaped distribution with the special add on sheet of special actions?

Linky to Savage Worlds Wiki

An extra winky point to the creators for getting away from the standard 3d6 attributes but the dice thing isn't that interesting.

The weakness of all these games is on the Referee side. The is just more ways to arrange the chairs.


   Exploding Conrad

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