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Cutlass Reviews on Amazon.fr


Cutlass has three strong reviews in France?! This is better than being the best selling game in Malta as I was in 1990.

Book Four was brilliant, cmon. You English readers need to get off your tookuses and hoist the jolly roger. Just four reviews on Amazon USA? One of them Conrad? A Dungeon Master Screen has twenty-nine strong reviews.

I am just spiteful enough to start publishing exclusively in France with French translation. Then you can feel what it's like to run passages through Google Translate to try and get the gist of what's detailed.

Reviews push eyeballs to pages. Move the sleds, folks.

Or not, you got your copy, be the only one. Sit in a quiet unmocked place and delight in your treasure. I will be dead someday, and you can know you knew me when. (Falling tear.)

I am so gratful for all the support (everywhere) and so wonderfully surprised at seeing enthusiasm in France. If you thought anything written above was anything but toothless smack talk, you don't know Jack (Burton).

Jack Burton, me.
Always smiling,...,Red



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