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Stranger Things


Needed at least one twist, a shadow government insider, like Max perhaps or the Hobbit-guy; humans betraying humans is very compelling in horror, better than a really big beast. I know let's make it even bigger. Cabin in the Woods should be the template on motives of all lab-coats.

Setting the series up to be just another x-men clone, eleven mutants indeed. No 1 to 10 should be discarded freaks, like Ripley's progenitors in Alien 4.

Didn't think first Strange-Thing was anything special. Now I truly know there's no there there for me. Eighth graders write sci-fi, the series writers, not the kids in the show (who are all unlikable). No one gets Harry Potter lucky w/ casting kids. "Eleven" seems doomed to be the next top-down corvette drunk arrested in Malibu; girl lacks talent and charisma -- bye, bye.



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The Referee -- roho (posted: 11/11/2017) 
Plus ... Demon is 95% Anti-Magic ... so no Fireball -- Anti-Magic Conrad (posted: 11/12/2017) 
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