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Hasbro buying Mattel


So Toys-R(backward)-Us, a stock I owned twenty years ago but not now, is having trouble. The loss of the only true rival to Walwart and Amazon online "The discounters" is hurting all the toy makers. Inventory on consignment, no one paying the shipping cost to return. Bad for toy makers. Many small toy companies are soon to flop. So Hasbro sees a chance to eat up Barbie. May be a good move, maybe not. Are you with me?

Here's the deal...What TSR(r) or SPI(r) trademarks shall we buy. Dragonlance(tm) will be too lofty, but Snits Revenge(tm)? How about SPI Sniper(tm)? Or Bughunt(tm)? When Hasbro goes under from debt of Mattel purchase, all these trademarks will be auctioned. Get ready for a fire sale. They'll ask the wrong gamers what things are worth. The lawyers will look at trends and sales future, videogame potential, but I see this as a chance to own Boothill(tm).

What was the D&D space opera style traveler game? Conrad help me out. That had great sales. They killed it cause sales were so good. No, not spelljammer of dungeon dice. But the prize of all prizes is EPT(tm). Better Games owning EPT(tm) would make red dog a happy man.



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