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Red Cutlass Campaign '17


“There’s no heading west through the divine calm, trust me. Threading a needle ‘twix misfortunes lies off of Genoa. Go south by southeast from Kleef through Infidel seas, claimed by a man calling himself the Chief of the Jawzi Martyrs. Avoid his cold comfort. From his isle head SW to Panda Isle. There go south for sixteen days at poor wind.

Tack back east to reach the south side of the Escarpment Peninsula. When the fog lifts, you’ll see your host hanging from the trees. Follow that coast to Burma; lovely ladies there. East to the Malacca Straits. We flew the banner of Burma, but there were no Khan junks to be seen.

If you don’t espy land on both sides of your craft, you’re dead. Furie du Sud surest path to Davy Jones. Exit the southern most part of the strait and head east to the Pepper People. Golden cities I’ve seen east by northeast.
Alas, our mighty captain dared the southern seas, too laden with treasure. I drifted forever alone, before Ethiopians pulled me from the water. Penniless, sun burnt blind, but alive.” (Check Taleworthy)

The notes for my new Cutlass campaign 2017 have grown to sixty-seven pages. Too much? One can never have enough ways to stymie the next would-be Rivera.



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There is no treasure at the end of that Tale .... only death .... -- FoolHardy Conrad (posted: 11/12/2017) 
It's a trap! -- The King Flynn (posted: 11/14/2017) 
Link Repaired .... -- Fish Monger Conrad (posted: 11/16/2017) 
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