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Tried a few of them ....

Roll 20 ... interesting but buggy. It runs in the browser so it has the browser buggyness. It would be nice if it did half of the features better. My first impression was good but then it slowly soured. I guess I should revisit.

Fantasy Grounds -- Way Powerful but I don't really have time to customize the color of my dice. (Looks great for D&D but no so much for say Cutlass since Cutlass rules don't exist.) I found a tutorial on YouTube and to be honest, it was like flying an F16. I mean that in a good way of sorts. The tool is impressive but it seems like one would spend more time learning the tool then actually playing the game.

BattleGround: http://battlegroundsgames.com/ Looked like you could do any type of game (cards included). This one looked pretty good with a lot of features. It looks like they were trying to upgrade through KickStarter and didn't fare so well. So, they are off to making maps. Another great product.

Epic Table: http://www.epictable.com/ Simple maps, tokens and dice rolling. I like it!! The licensing is good too. They have what they call Kitchen Table licensing. If you own the license, you invite who you want to play. (They have to download the software but they don't need to purchase a license or even register.) It is Windows only -- okay with me.

I'm going to pull the trigger on Epic Table. I watched the videos and the small game company losing money but doing it anyway is my kind of gamer.

Who wants to test with me?


   Somewhere Else Conrad

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