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Attention Cutlass fans!


I will be running Cutlass using EPIC TABLE from 1833-2110 PST on Wednesdays. You'll need to download the FREE client for Epic Table.


Only the Ref needs a paid copy. So far, both Conrad and I have made the purchase. The virtual game table is pretty intuitive. We will also SKYPE for voice.

If you're interested, you need the EPIC TABLE game key. Email me. Then mark the calendar. I hope to do this weekly; we'll see what happens. If YOU can't make it next week, try the following week. Or if you are unable to get things running past a firewall, use the Epic Table FAQ or Forum. Maybe even busy Conrad will be able to suss out your intertube problems. I'm not promoting anything, so if you can't get to me -- sucks to be you.

I had no problem just downloading then joining EPIC TABLE game server; making my own game was easy. Performance seems good. Stability is great. I've had a game session up for several days now and no crashes.

Here's all I ask for the next would-be Swashbuckler. At first, don't plan to do anything, but the basics: roll dice and interact. Later if you have content, like character images, we'll negotiate. I've heard tell that performance issues on EPIC TABLE start to arise when someone decides their 20K jpg pict of Max needs to be replaced by a 300Gig gif of Total Recall. I'll run a low tech game to start. Flip cards, resolve actions, roll new characters upon death.

Book One Cutlass costs five bucks online for a PC Kindle reader. So be nice if you have that or your hardcopy in hand to read your own combat events. Makes for a nice round table of voices telling the tale. Not required, of course, I'm not shilling here. I'm lonely. No, I'm not. I'm hopeful.

Players have been asking for me to game more. Now I can without a commute. If things go well, I'll think about expanding to other nights with other game campaigns. Weekly Cutlass is good to start.

Hope we all have a blast. (Hey, I don't even have to worry about drinking and driving cause I'm home.)



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