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Marketing Stuff from Roll 20


Roll20 started as an idea among three friends who wanted to be able to play games together despite living across the country from one another and has grown into a budding small business with over a million users. In order for us to keep up with the demands of the community, we depend on their financial support. In turn, we are continually working on providing a product that’s worth supporting.

There are two levels of Roll20 subscriptions. The first is the “Plus” level, which offers you more space for your games, bonus features like Dynamic Lighting and Mobile Support, plus the Roll20 application and website are ad free. The second is the “Pro” level, which offers everything that "Plus" users get, in addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes access, including the ability to give feedback on new features we’re testing on the Development Server or to use elements of the Roll20 Application Programming Interface (API). This access allows "Pro" users to interact with us as we make choices about what’s next and, most importantly, to impact how Roll20 moves forward.

The Roll20 subscription page shows you all of the great perks available to you, plus your support helps fund further development! As always, thanks for using our program to play your games!

It had some nice features but was just too buggy when I played with it. I mention it here because there is a buzz about it and it solves a lot of interesting problems. I think on balance Epic Table is better for our use but the technology intrigues me.


   Roll 8 Conrad

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