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Victor David Hanson on C-Span 2


Great program on Book TV. A few highlights:

The soldiers in the Pacific and their families asked after the war, if you had the A Bomb before Okinawa ... why did we invade Okinawa? (12,000 US Casualties / 5,000 dead). Why didn't you use the bomb SOONER? Contrast that to how the question is asked today?

Curtis Lemay suggested they not drop the A Bomb. He wanted to fly 15,000 bomber flights over Japan a day with napalm.

Victor David Hanson's name sake died on Okinawa before he was 18. VDH's father told his son to earn the name. How does that go? While you are off studying your Roman history, here's the child hood baseball bat of my brother to remind you why you can.

Hitler and Mussolini were trained militarily as corporals (or privates). So, they thought like corporals. Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin were trained as Administrators. So, rather than Vengeance rockets, a more successful strategy would have been a 4 engine bomber. That's what an economist would suggest.

Chamberlin was the best of the worst. Had he been removed, those that remained would have traded Europe for the balance of the British Empire. Churchill, of course, is the critical piece. No more need be said of that.

Great Britain was the only combatant in the war that fought the whole war. They were in on day 1 and fought to the end. They went to the aid of Poland when no one else did. With the exception of tanks and air frames, they out produced the Germans. Don't mess with the Brits.

Good presentation.


   WW2 Conrad

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