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So, the word on the street right now is the partnership / creation of something called D&D Beyond. It's a place to get all your D&D digital content (sort of).


It has all the cool things that gamers like. A nefarious software company and a discussion of computer platforms and browsers. I'll skip all that.

The primary tool is a character generator in D&D. There's a place to put one's "home brew" content as well.

Most of the complaints I've seen were that you would have to re-buy the content that you previously purchased in the 5th edition books AND you would need a paid account to access your stuff. ($3 to $6 a month.) And, if the thing collapses, you got nothing.

The description that made the most sense was you are paying someone to provide a service to you. Being able to look up a +1 Sword on the Internet isn't really saving me lots of trouble ... "hmm a +1 Sword does and plus one points of damage and adds one To hit ... who knew????"

I can see they could deliver some cool things over time so other than the absurd things, I'll let it go.

Oh, there's a new feature where the stars of the D&D community pronounce the words properly so we'll all know. (That will no doubt start endless fun debate!!!)

Well. they might eventually make some cool stuff.

A fan boy demonstrated the tool on You Tube and used it to randomly generate a 10th level dude. It created a multi-class ranger-bard halfling with 4 strength.

Well, perhaps not a fan boy but someone with a positive feeling towards the website / tool. I was watching the video stunned. Now, I don't know about you but I've been waiting for the perfect tool to generate Halfling ranger bards and am glad someone provided that niche. For the record, the proper response when someone generates a Halfling bard ranger with 4 strength is "What the Frack???". Or, does this camera have an erase button?

One of the best parts of the old school was pulling out a sheet of paper and a few dice and 5 minutes later, you had years of adventure possibilities in your hands. (Well, or humiliating death in a few minutes.)

Playing D&D with my phone is not high on my list. But, then I'm not really a fan of another book so I can get +1 when wearing green socks either. Now, on Facey-book or BlapperTime.

To be honest, the current D&D content isn't really special enough to bother getting it 100% right. Really, what is the difference between 36 and 37 hit points? (Yea, yea, yea, ask Jake.)

I'm not the target audience. That's okay. I never really considered D&D a "community". Just a bunch of sweaty guys rolling dice eating Doritos.

Good Luck to them.

PS: Why again did we build a system that needs a Cray Super computer to make a cheap copy of Frodo?


   Nerd Boy Conrad

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