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Synopsis of Cutlass Epic Table Play on 6 Dec


Group assembled and we finished the next two legs of the climax challenges. Was brutal, plenty of injuries.

We attacked to get the Navigatorís log and charts of the coast of Ethiopia. Almost immediately two players were struck and took vicious. The Rival, Ńlvaro, had gathered his materials on his command riser on the stern castle. The boarding action had a minus three penalty on Engage Commander from the last of his menís shield wall. Bartholomew pushed the fight back from initial setback to engage and defeat the commander. He would select three different Sun cards at critical points in the session, one them here. Yet still end up taking a vicious and dropping out in the Battle for Mali.

We ensured the Virgin Star went down w/ all aboard. On Q&D Fleeing a Sinking Ship we all escaped, one with a little help from a friend.

Setting out on the Epilog Ė Sea Lanes back to France, we had something about our Patron revealed. He was Attitude Judgment, inv. We had to go back and complete a second set of climax encounters.

Climax Two took place at the Caravanserai of Mali. We headed into the circular maze to recover our former captainís diary; his body washed ashore. There were many Bashi Bazouk in the city, causing trouble. We ended up winning by losing. We lost a brawl in the stables, only to be taken before the tribal elder. There we escaped and headed into the climax showdown.

Colorful Note on Bashi Bazouk: Among every sultanís regular army is a form of rabble, which is comprised of honest to goodness soldiers. The downside of this force, is that it has no discipline, is prone to riot and steal, and is impossible to restrain in victory. The group is a roving prison work gang; many criminals were pardoned into the ranks. The group also practiced impressments, but instead of onto a ship, the captive is drafted into the Bashi Bazouk.

We were successful, only an inverted rod can stop our Patronís gratitude and eternal friendship. Up comes the inverted Rod. So much for anything other than a job well done. I also recall an event in the Epilog where we supported a usurper in a mutiny only to see him executed before us. But w/ a bit of solicitor and charismatic style, along w/ one sapper saying he could bury us in the sand at the tide line as punishment, Ö, we escaped? One of the party has even made level one.

Next session start at 1830 on Tues, 12 Dec.



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