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Another Cutlass Dude bites the dust ....


Jean Pite, a Frenchman, named for Mercy was put down in the Ship Battle at the hand of El Varo. And, finished in the tent city of Molli in the Battle of Almost Dead Men. Three great Stars were seen on the horizon ... an omen to some ... others an epitaph.

All over some scraps of paper ... maps of crazy men. Seek not treasures of men, your reward is eternal.

Witchard Percy stumbled into the quest ... Witchard with a W. He took a beating as well and mostly got in the way. But, he survived and may soon have a Make-Roll. Wanted temporarily for a Capital crime, he killed three men with a single shot.

Another grand tale begins. Bring your best sword and moves most nimble. It is not a place for the feint of heart.

Tuesday Cutlass ... be there ... be there.


   Mercy Conrad

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