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TOMorrow Campaign UPDATE


Cryonauts have reached the Henderson Swap Meet, a collection of gypsy outlet mallZ and permanent gun show, almost pristine and preserved from 2018. The area is just outside of a five-mile blast radius of a thermonuclear strike. Long term, stay here at your own risk. You may already suffer chromosome birth defects; you will soon approach outright cancers, then the bone marrow collapse. Please, enjoy your stay.

Money, of course, has no value. But there are items in your basic kit, which may exchange in trade. How about that pea shooter youíre carrying?

Here are five very important items of possible acquisition:

# Your bolt hole radio is melted from acid leakage. A new short range working comm set would be great to upgrade Ops. Will erase your deficit Leadership & Organization ranking in Bolt Hole Delta.
# The local language has evolved, and you donít understand half the slang. You need access to Internet-R, a radio link cyberpass, which will allow you to crash course (self moderate on the new lingo rants on tape, so to speak). Learn every post apocalyptic LOL and emogi eggplant in the comfort of your barracks. Will erase your deficit Communications and Persuasion ranking in Bolt Hole Delta.
# Hibernation has turned your jelly-welly to giggy-goo. A dose of the local hemp-hallucinogenic (no-lie) is what your brains need to fully achieve local presence. Be in the now, be in the know w/ the latest ADHD meds. (Again, no lie; you taste a sample, but you need a full course for you and fourteen others.) Will erase your deficit Intuition & Deduction ranking in Bolt Hole Delta.
# Rand-McNally at your service with some intel interactive maps. Perfect to R+R the 2018 paper copies, you have in your hole. These 3D VR holographic maps are great for practicing and planning ops. Plus, they have much needed insights to the last 200 years of hyper evolution. Requires two special TRADE items to get these babies. The floating disembodied head selling the stuff is a shrewd negotiator. Okay, the sales guy is a levitating squid? Will erase your deficit Discipline & Research ranking in Bolt Hole Delta.
# You look around and notice that your dress is desert camo. Vegas was desert. Now itís not exactly arboreal, but it is green. You need good fatigues. Right now you might as well be wearing orange. Get a butt-load of fresh duds; tailoring and nametags added at no extra charge. Will erase your deficit Stealth & et al ranking in Bolt Hole Delta.
# You need ammo, Papa-Bear Homo-Sap has your caliber. Heís sort of human, not really. He looks like an extra from planet of the apes. Trade for loose or boxed munitions. Samples 45 cal bullet provided. You test fire and realize the munitions you have are long past prime date for maiming dopes. Will erase your deficit Arms & Tactics ranking in Bolt Hole Delta. He also has strange and exotic weapons, but no time for a demo. You suspect youíll need some of these more specific kill guns for any foray downtown.
Note: six items listed cause mutants have trouble w/ math. Check the Snapshots Found Tab for some additions.



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Trading in progress--stand by at base -- PUNDIT Mike (posted: 12/25/2017) 
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