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Black Sail Conclusion (and Growth Ignobles)


On Starz as recommended below, I finally got to the end of Black Sails.

First, great show. Watch it. You will love it. Cutlass fans will love the ships and the sword fights. The conniving is great too.

As you may know, this prequel to Treasure Island. What is the treasure? How did it get there? Who is Long John Silver?

The episode before the final episode had the best sword fight non-sword fight ever. Silver and Flint find themselves at odds and Silver has to decide in his mind if he can take Flint, a thing not likely to happen. In the end ... he tries but doesn't.

Mounted Spanish Regulars charging out of a cane field. I would rout too. A fearful thing.

The final ship battle between the governor's ship and the pyrates chasing was a delight. Of course, I was seeing Outlandish, Outlandish, Assail ... but then you would too.

The battle at the crow's nest between Flint and Billy Bones was a delight. Yes, there was the canvas dagger slide.

The rest is just bad checking of the ignoble Growth ... which was clearly a player character checking something they loved to be used by the vile Referee later.

Or, the Producer's playing the odds that another tale may be in the works. Of course Silver and Bones survive to tell the later tale.

All of the characters were true Cutlass Characters (as well they should). Bonnet and Rackham were a delight to the end. Teach was fearful and died a hard death. Woods Rogers was a great villain. Max the calculating schemer (in her own way) was a great touch.

Flint's speech at the end about Pyrates fighting for freedom was almost believable except that we knew him. All that is left is the terrible stories they tell about us to make their reality seem safer. Silver giving up ... terrible. Never check that Growth ignoble for the wrong thing.

The whole thing was an intricately woven chain ... a player character with a blade and a make roll would have turned it all upside down. As they should.

It's on Hulu. Season 4. Skip Game of Thrones as silly amusement. Black Sails is the real deal.


   Black Sail Conrad

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