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Cutlass 27 Dec


We continued the third mission to rescue Jacapo for his stepfather, Admiral Lorenzo of Genoa. The father was worried for his daughter’s lament. Little did he know that the man (if slain) was killed indirectly by us on our first mission. He was part of the crew that sailed the Cyclones and for surviving had their vessel sunk (by us as traitors to our Rival captain). But I Digress,….

We headed into Pyrate waters off Zanzibar. There we fought a battle to a draw. The real action happened when we decided to take target practice against a derelict cog. Bartholomeu scored a ht and won acclaim. Then Tal did likewise. But in round three, the cog still floating, the remaining contestants sailed a bit too close and damaged our vessel, the Excelsior, with debris blow back. It would be the first of three times it sunk during the scenario).

Seeking repairs in Zanzibar, we lost a bet and had to repair two vessels. Oh did I mention we sold part of our crew to a pyrate for Ignobles. But we rescued the rest from a press gang and made up for that initial ill-deed. We struck good luck and passed the cyclones and surf of Croissants, but not before facing a sea monster (whale). The solution was quiet; which when we finally stopped harpooning the beast, it stopped attacking.

We lost the vessel twice more, but made landfall with the help of ACE+TEN. We had to take a side trip to rescue three friends held captive by the Moors. That was a disaster, then it wasn’t. We ended up having five characters prisoners, but Moridin saved the day by “telling others” to use their skills and succeed. Good to be the patron’s man on any adventure.

With new strength, we headed into the Gorge de la Mort. We were much lighter w/o the fifty loyal men-at-arms we already outlived. Cannibals, headhunters and lots of fleeing, before eventually we found a living Jacapo. Someone commented correctly that not every event in the climax need be avoid brutal death. Yet where’s the fun in that (or the Ignobles). Someone else (the same guy) said we seemed to get in the most trouble as we needed Ignobles. So true. Four of five men vicious, but success, sweet success. We returned the stepson home. However, we failed to note that our patron wanted his “body” recovered, not the living man. The cards said he was not pleased. No reward, except the Ignobles. Some of us are level two after the three adventures. We game Saturday (live) then back online next Weds.

Plenty of room if anyone would like to join us Weds. All you need is Skype and Epic Table (both free apps). Well, a copy of Cutlass printed or electronic would be nice, but not required. If I don't see you there, more events for me.



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