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Some feedback on Only Gods Should Fly


Reading "Only Gods Should Fly"...
about 11% in, per my kindle. And the Russians are very wrong sounding.
Russian Azbuchva (alphabet, Literally "ABC") in alphabetical order: абвгдеёжзийклмнопрстуфхцчшщъыьэюя
е (Je) is the 6th letter; eff is 22nd. Je looks like our E/e, and many times, sounds like it, dropping the jotation. So, it's a jarring Englishism when Draya uses F as six in a russian station... (Note: if the Russian reformers get their way, the 7th (ё jo) and 11th (й ĭ or jĭ, properly ee-kratkoj) will go away, making ф the 20th letter)

Also, Draya and Nikolai just don't scan right, either. It feels like you're trying to write in a Russian accent to indicate speaking in Russian... but if so, then the dialogue in their first scene is really wonky... Pavel Chekov level wonky. (While he's the poster child for bad fake russian accents. (Anton Yelchin, the now late "New Chekov", mentions this in an interview on one of the blue-rays.)

So far, I'm enjoying the US side of the story...


   William Hostman

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