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Bright on Netflix


New Will Smith flick.

What if Orcs, Fairies, Elves, and the Dark Lord were real.

In a very close remake of the movie Alien Nation, Will Smith plays a Los Angeles cop partnered up with the first Orc of his race allowed to be a police officer. The normal racial attacks were ever present.

The buddy cops become ... well ... buddy cops. First they hate each other, they get beat up, and then they deliver their share of ass beatage.

Fun flick. I hope they make it a series. The magic is scary. The elves pompous but deadly. The orcs all complain ... hey we made a bad choice a thousand hears ago backing the dark lord ... one little mistake.

Is it a work of art? Uh, nooo. Think Last Boy Scout on a budget.

I liked it.


   Pig Man Conrad

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I liked it -- red (posted: 12/28/2017) 
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