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Cutlass 30 Dec


Yes, twice in one week. We played Cutlass after a sit down session of Bajillion ways to Die. There were more players virtual using Epic Table than there were sitting across for me. The online play is good and beats the LA commute.

Leon selected just a small force to go on an expedition to Indus. Three ships, three companies, maybe not so small. His mission was to brave the Moorish waters and find a navigable path to bring silk back to France. We’ve made it nine-tenths, having completed the climax.

We passed Phase A w/ a single flip of Ten. Only to see that a water route was impossible. The Surf e'strang barred our passage. The seasonal waves were too deadly. So we made landfall and risked Wilderness to cross the peninsula leading to Panda Isle. Our artillery company was split. Half stayed w/ the Bourbon (3-deck galleon) and half were hauled across.

The party was informed of a campaign event: Pair Sevens related to politics and treaty. Marshal of France, Hugo, announced a treaty w/ Spain. This new charter should help check the aggression of the English. Some of the crew will undoubtedly see our mission as provocation and threaten that budding alliance. Oh well, we have Ignobles to check, sir.

Through good fortune, the referee forgot to read his mission notes. Phase B passed w/ a single encounter as we reached the opposite, western shore. There a glorious raft was built to finish the journey. A raft? The remaining artillery was left behind to establish a second safe harbor. The plan was to find Fortress Sind and move silk via the Bay of Sea Bass. From there, overland by a road our troops were hewing to the eastern shore. From there, The ride home past the Moorish and Jawzi pyrates. Easy, right? Well, where there's a whip there's a way. Musketeers were turned into rowers.

Oh, I mention the Ref forgot to read his notes. Yes, the Epilog will have some sudden surprises in Panda Isle. But the climax at Port Sind went well. A few broken limbs, but no deaths. One character believed he was perfectly safe by virtue of being knocked unconscious. The running joke of Cutlass is knock out is a free ride to Ignobles. Little did he know,…, the cards were kind to start and wicked to finish.

One savage gargoyle guardian (men, no magic) started to double tap the downed foes. Two men were impacted. Given a choice, one unconscious but healthy player was struck w/ a pike, while the other bleeding guy, was spared his death blow. Interesting to note, the healthy guy, now bloody, had a heated argument w/ the bloody, yet not dead, character over the value of silver versus gold hanky pins. That’s the way I heard it, anyway.

Was that wise? To injure a second rather than oft a first. What do I know, no one listens to the Ref. I mean, no one should listen to advice of the Ref. Until we pick up on this adventure in the Epilog (on Weds), no one knows if we can get home w/ thousands of doubloons of profit. Boats or lands, I plan to spend my gain,…, what do you mean Bartolomeu was an npc, because there were enough characters playing? I could have had riches, regard, success at arms,…, maybe next time i'll even get paid.



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