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Cutlass 3 Jan


Our group made it home from mission four and successfully established a silk trade w/ Indus. Sadly, Tal fell along the way. Our enemy, Marshal Hugo, will not be too pleased by the new trade route.

Before the aftermath was even determined, the players were tasked to raise companies for a regiment. We will attack the Isle of Salerno and oust the five companies of Ottoman artillery building a fortress there.

Despite a small amount of graft, all players departed France w/ a company of soldiers. We set sail w/ two artillery, a dragoon, two Tercio and a Light Musketeers. Our luck was great, and other nations added their armies to our fight. We crossed the sea w/out loss and ended up in Salerno. There our phase regressed back to B and then again to A. We had to survive three phases as Colonel on Campaign, but eventually did so. With a taste of battle, we headed to the fort.

Charge! The climax was arrayed, the men positioned, the preliminary clash fought,, times up. We must wait for next week to see if we survive the Storming Action, subsequent Field Battle, and final duel w/ Rival Bozkurt.



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... small amount of graft .... -- Mourning Conrad (posted: 1/4/2018) 
Mighty deeds make jealous your enemies -- Explorer Mike (posted: 1/5/2018) 
Resource Management -- Artillery Captain Mike (posted: 1/5/2018) 
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