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Cutlass 10 Jan


We attacked the fortress w/ the five companies of Ottoman guns. Truly a foolish thing to do. The flip of the inverted Tower had me thinking we might start the battle w/ our colonel losing his head. Yet no, the battle was immediately won as the fortress went into confusion, fires, rebellion to our side. All one-hundred guns were captured. Okay, that was easy. Hazzah for our Colonel.

We were attacked by the Ottoman Bozkurt and his eleven companies. We had a solid fifteen in our regiment having only lost one company of mercenaries to attrition. Unfortunately, the enemy had a better commander. Did I really say that aloud? The action was back and forth, as we routed their rabble and they blasted our peasants asunder. Yet a slew of Major Tarot (considered missed opportunities by the enemy) resulted in us standing tall w/ six unblemished companies and only a single enemy force to defeat.

I believe one player held the field at the expense of his company. Thatís how weíll record the battle of Gardnerís Field. The Isle of Salerno was liberated of Infidel forces. Hazzah, a second cheer.

But wait, we had to defeat Bozkurt if we wanted to have long term success. That was accomplished with only a few wounds. His men were fierce, undead possibly. A good day when no one dies. Our leader gains the third cheer, Hazzah, for delivering the final dispatch roll. Some even gained the next level. As a surprise we found some maps of the Ottoman lands and trade routes. We now know, possibly, a route to another oriental power, the MíChu. I was in favor of heading out that way, but our leader and the rest thought it best to return home and laugh a bit in luxury. We also had no ships. Our transport was unlikely to ferry us into uncharted waters.

We arrived back in France to a heroic welcome. Green silk scarves fly everywhere for our tribute. Our colonel was demoted, of course, but kept his bodyguard as a chartered company of his Majesty, King Alexandre of France. Three companies stay in good standing, residing in garrison at Marseille. There may even be a new warehouse selling silk scarves and trading powder for an obscene fee. I hope we are never tasked to investigate that broker or maybe we should volunteer to do so? We made some friends from both missions, the one to bring silk from Indus and one to defeat the Ottomans. A man w/ friends is a man truly.

Our next mission was bluntly to kill an actor. Actually we were to make sure he went into exile, but it was strongly suggested to us that the man not return from exile. Kit Marlowe was performing a play about the heretic Samuel of Kleef. The party seems non-swayed by the mock heroics of Samuel. However, one of the group is becoming famous for his own acting of that banned play. Also, Samís purposed reforms donít seem too radial to at least one famed navigator, who thinks the nobility owes more to the commoners than they express and demonstrate.

Across the lands bar hopping. Down the river, drowning fools who try to crash our party, past the tolls and chains across the river, to the city of Tours. We begin that climax next week.



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