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Cutlass 24 Jan


We started at the royal palace in Verona. Genoa does not have a true king, so the palace is overrun by wannabes, including the rival, Niccolo Machiavelli. We seemed to make a wrong turn at every step. We watched a debate in parliament over whether kings are above the law. That had most of us convinced that laws should be made by the people. We were constantly tested for our Swaggering. A few injuries later and we failed to defeat the rival. He escaped, but will return in Mission Ten. FranÁois made enemy because the canal was never finished and the rival escaped, but we donít plan to enter Genoa ever again.

After arriving at home in Marseilles, we took our next mission to help out an exiled Russian Tsar. Michael wants his inheritance. He wants three ships returned, one of them the three-deck galleon, Karlskrona. If we offer false testimony for Michael, tell the Russian court that he was a hero at the Isle of Salerno, he will receive his inheritance of three ships. We may keep the Karlskrona as a reward. We traveled uneventfully by sea to Baku. There we saw the three ships, two Great Cogs and the warship, pretty much the entire Russian navy. All were ship shape. The deal was proving a good deal for a few lies. Since the Russians had mercenaries at the battle, we could almost imagine Michael was among them. Too bad those guys were wiped out; all except Michael of course. Practicing my tale.

Bartholomeu was injured and dropped from the mission. We set out cross land. There were many good encounters. The peasants were convinced Michael plans to return to oust his brother. Tell one lie and hurt the world, constantly tell lies and get a fine ship. Cutlass morals!

The nobles of countryside were convinced to help us. We stopped a reformist from stopping a witch burning. Maurice chocked him out. He was sold to his brother in Germany for a very fine ransom. He returned later with a company of men to seek revenge, but was again defeated. His brother would pay no further ransom. We placed his head in a noose. Wildemoon called for his death as justice. The common men agreed. Our leader decided it was better to humiliate the man (yet again) and set him free.

Stuck in Phase B, lots of small events, but nothing to get us to the royal Tsarist court (Phase C) and our testimony in the climax. What can go wrong with telling falsehoods to foreign kings? Remember, itís for a fine warship, one daresay that might round the globe. My priests is 4000 dB richer, so at newly arrived level two, Iím ready for next week.


   Cutlass Referee

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