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Cutlass 31 Jan


We continued the mission to help out an exiled Russian Tsar. We traveled to Minsk and sought audience w/ member of the court. We garnered four votes in our favor, but found one person backed out on his deal. We discovered that the Chancellor of Russia is a foreign spy and blackmailed him into supporting our cause.

We returned the three ships, one of them the three-deck galleon, Karlskrona, to our Patron. However, he was in no mood to be our friend. He did give us the flagship, warning us that the ship will attract envy and enemies. we shall see. Queen Tabitha and her son tried three times to slaughter us; they have yet to succeed.

Our next mission we accepted to go south to Vichy and escort an envoy to meet w/ reformists. The man hiring us was an enemy to most of the group. There was a discussion about whether any of us should accept. (Yet we did need Conflict Ignoble, so on we went.) The killer of Kit Marlowe joined the quest, but he felt constantly slighted by the accommodations and salary. Measly penny a day?

The journey was relatively uneventful. Even when offered a chance to skip ahead, we opted instead to prolong the preliminary encounters. (Another Ten, so nope, too safe.) We reached the border. We helped make an attack on an English Artillery company, routing the gunners with a cavalry charge just one serious injuries. That man has been wounded eight times in nine missions.

We met the rival, Ben Jonson, in parley hosted by the Lord High mayor of Vichy. The talks went well. Yet in the morning, our patron as dead from poison. No one suspected intrigue. We debated fleeing, but decided the patron must be avenged. Even though he was an enemy, Ben Jonson and his Grognards had to be defeated. Huge penalties were negated by Fencer and Pistoleer.

We routed six companies of rabble inspired by reformist lies. We then faced Ben Jonson and he was taken captive by a belt level assailed across his knees as he rashly charged. We headed home w/ our captive, but were ambushed on the river. Our ship was sundered (three major events) and one man was near cut in half. Bleeding, most were content to watch him die. Yet the Son of the killer of Kit Marlowe saved the man and even carried a second fallen comrade to the safety of shore.

One party character is the first to reach level four and now has Multiple Attempt Bonus for his actions.



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