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Dave Arneson's True Genius


... by Robert J. Kuntz

I found the book on the Internet ... well ... not so much a book as an introduction to three papers that Kuntz is writing.

It's a bit high falootin to me.

Robert Kuntz was the kid that lived down the block and game over to play Dungeons and Dragons. He played in the second game. He joined the original TSR and performed a number of roles.

Though there were interesting bits ... One of the sections was titled "Debunking the Chainmail / Braunstein "Derivation" Claims.

Kuntz's claim is that Arneson delivered what would become D&D fully delivered in it's loose is the way to go structure. You don't need specified rules for everything ... the point is to make it up.

And, that in the process of selling more product, the current owners of the trademarks and such corrupted the original idea to sell more product.

I don't find anything wrong with those ideas.

Chainmail is a set of rules. Unfortunately, to continue to play, gamers need some structure (i.e. rules) or it would just be now, I'm GoogleZeus (you heard it here first, folks).

After a bit of reading elsewhere: In 1997, after Wizards of the Coast purchased TSR, Peter Adkison paid Arneson an undisclosed sum to free up D&D from royalties owed to Arneson; this allowed Wizards to retitle Advanced Dungeons & Dragons to simply Dungeons & Dragons.

In the end, the hobbits got home and wrote the big red book ... isn't that how it ends?



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