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Cutlass 7 Feb


Started gaming w/ Skype problems, so we only played half a session. The hope was to finish encounters and outfit the expedition. Start the hunt for Mandar or Nippon. We did not finish outfitting the fleet.

Our mission is to reach the orient. We used many favors to get a fleet ready. The result was pretty mixed. Out of twelve officer positions, we only serve in five. We also have none of the three senior positions. The Uncontested Dagger Thrust will be needed before the end. Our attempts to use our special talents and add special benefits to our flagship also proved feeble. Of twenty-four advantages, we claimed but seven.

The result was poor. We do have six cogs (as cannon-whale fodder), but our flagship, Karlskrona, suffers seven bane traits at launch.

Here’s some things we got right:
1. Inspect Flagship seaworthiness.
4. Purchase spare wheels and carriages for the gun mounts.
5. Salt the provisions.
7. Obtain a royal charter to privateer.
18. Check as best you may, the reference credentials of all volunteers.
19. Design and paint the bowsprit as a full breasted Valkyrie.
23. Study the history and battles of the Romans versus various foreign cultures.

Yet here’s some things we neglected:
2. Ferret out traitors by uncovering the sins and fears of all significant crew members.
3. Section the powder.
6. Consult an astrologer for weather predictions and a current astrolabe.
8. Secure spare sail cloth, yards and masts.
9. Fill coffers w/ a mix of coins and shiny medal rewards.
10. Change the locks on every cabin, hatch, larder and rack.
11. Purchase a fine array of trinkets and sensible barter goods.
12. Duplicate all charts and charters.
13. Run emergency drills, man overboard, repulsing, boarding, mock cannonade.
14. Inspect every sidearm for edge sharpness and flint spark.
15. Purchase extra seasick remedy; add midships casks of wine and rum.
16. Purchase a selection of quills, vellum, indelible ink and a drafting table that nails to the deck boards.
17. Test the seal of water kegs; the dry storage of the salted meat.
20. Hide a personal cache of arms, food and water, just in case.
21. Take confession from every crewmen and offer easy absolution.
22. Purchase a set of bound rule-lined books for yourself and each officer.
24. Flog the first man that as much as looks cross eyed at ye.

I’ve been to sea on more prepared quests. The trip through the cyclones had a ready ship and crew. Ours can be defined as I. Gun Shy, II. Plagued, IV. Impressed, V. Disorderly, VI. Pyrate, IX. Cheated, X. Corrupt. Yet we are X. Article Vigilant, so there’s that. As fine a ship as our player solicitors can ready!

We may need to head to Kleef (Nordic state or true seamen) and add some expertise. But there we run the risk of being part of a foreign expedition to reach the orient, not the Vert Valiant heading out for the glory of King Alexandre of France.

(In game terms we have Thirteen Voyage hps out of max twenty-four.)

1. Fleet Commander, NPC Josaphat (Serbia)
2. Fleet Navigator, NPC Le Goff (Paris)
3. Fleet Tactician, NPC Breman (Bavaria)
4. Fleet Chronicler, Bartolomeu
5. Flagship’s Pilot, Francois
6. Flagship’s Master Soldiers, Harman
7. Flagship’s Master Guns, Wildemoon II
8. Flagship’s Quartermaster, Moridin
9. Flagship’s Master Sails, NPC Perez (Spain)
10. Flagship’s Master Arms, NPC Mont Klaw (Kleef)
11. Flagship’s Vicar, NPC Tremblay (Lichtenstein)
12. Flagship’s Grumbler, NPC Bouchard (Marseilles)
13. Fleet Scapegoat, NPC Walter Scott
Seven Unsigned: Monseigneur Maurice, Wischard, Chip, Alain, Bailey, Leon, Mal de Mer

I predict that our make-rolls and character wounds will be utilized to save our souls from the Infidels and Ocean Hazards expected to be encountered.



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13, 16, 17 -- red (posted: 2/7/2018) 
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