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Cutlass 14 Feb


When faced w/ the rough decision to continue less than prepared or take the expedient route to help from a questionable ally, the choice becomes raid an enemy land. England was attacked by seven vessels. With support fire from the fleet, a Tercio advanced on an artillery company and routed it (in two cards). Our fleet removed the bad trait Gun Shy. But that was not enough. We attacked a magazine, London Gardens, killing half that force and forcing a full surrender (one card). We took our gains and departed to the remainder of our climax.

We set out to find a path to the mythical lands of Mandar and Nippon. All we had was Ottoman maps showing a place called Nandi and a strange unmarked isle in the Sea of Mugs. A quick jaunt to the eastern side of Africa, then uneventfully south almost to Leon’s Crossing. We headed East. Attack ships from first Bagdad, then Yazid, were repulsed. Some of our officers proved of lesser worth and were replaced by more harden souls. The killer of Kit Marlowe took the ceremonial role of Tactician as the crew cheered. Where once we had known figures in but five of twelve roles, we soon had ten of twelve so occupied. We even avoided shame and the accursed title of Scape Goat.

Walter Scott would eventually be hung for his dealings w/ Satan. The ancient sea gods demand sacrifice, metaphorically of course. The gods that is, not the hanged man – he did die badly. He took the blame for numerous intrigues by our rival. Better the Scot than me, I say.

Da Wolfe’s Map proved incorrect, but guided us well enough to find the Pluie Calme, a sign we were on the right path. Never had the Death card been so welcome as it signaled an early end on the tables. Past the Escarpments, then past the Petrified Forest, was almost as if we knew the mariner’s tale of rounding the horn. Our losses were few; our flagship better off than when we left Marseille, except for the fact twenty men a day were starving. Twas a good time to be an officer. Walter Scott, as I said, would pay for his mischief. Powder was rationed well; pikes worked as well as wax infused paper. The course was set and true. We could see land. The crew dedicated themselves back to the King and his majesty’s officers, dropping Pyrate status and becoming Article Vigilant. Sure, we had sickness, some might call our fleet plagued, but sniffles are the price of destiny. (Huh?)

Burma and the beautiful Burmese ladies. By the old Moulmein Pagoda, the flotilla lay. Come you back, you Frenchie soldier; come you back to Mandalay! (with apologies to Kipling). East to open seas and the loss of our first cog to a storm. The fact it occurred, as a player newly arrived in the game took over decision making, might have suggested something? No, we were overdue for misfortune.

Mandar, really that easy. Cool. Loaded up on Brass and Porcelain. The patron wanted to reach Cairo and his Dad, but we felt the establishment of trade routes was our first task. We headed back east, trying to make landfall in Sind. Victory, the isle of Ceylon would be a perfect place to set our trade harbor. What a glorious trip and for once, actually only the second time, my character did not end the mission w/ vicious wounds. Wait, we honestly are considering going back to Mandar (this same climax) and trying to find Cairo to the north? At least I have a healthy level three alt.

Not sure how the players found the adventure, but I thoroughly enjoyed the fog shrouded map slowly being uncovered as the ship icon sailed into the pitch black. The mechanics worked so well, I will use them again in Mission Twelve, the one slated to direct Red’s Cutlass to find the Pepper People. That is of course if I survive a climax in Cairo w/ twenty obstacles and more coins than any 8x10 workspace should hold. Coins denote Cutlass Q&D, not ever wanted unless the Ignoble is lacked; hazzah in past perfect tense, indeed.

Still opportunity to join us on Weds; download a free copy of Epic Table and give Conrad a shout on the logistics (of Skype). I am too busy crafting the next bit of tomfoolery. We’re only at Mission Ten?!?



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